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Ministerial Staff

Sam Boyd

Senior Pastor615.373.8074

Jeff Bowden

Associate Pastor of Education & Activities615.373.8074 x120

Wayne Causey

Associate Pastor of Music & Worship615.373.8074 x126

Jake Day

Minister of Communications615.373.8074 x105

Don Green

Minister to Children615.373.8074 x114

Gary Hauk

Associate Pastor of Administration615.373.8074 x111

Matt Longworth

Minister of ELEVATE Worship & Technology615.373.8074 x138

Dave MacNeill

Minister to Students615.373.8074

Kimberly MacNeill

Minister to Women615.373.8074 x129

Chad Mize

Minister of Young Adults, Missions & Evangelism615.373.8074 x124

Meg Moore

Minister to Preschoolers615.373.8074

Barney Self

Pastoral Counseling Minister615.373.8074 x135

Support Staff

Angie Barnes

Office Manager & Pastoral Ministries Assistant 615.373.8074 x113

Rebecca Blankenship

Receptionist / Activities & Senior Adults Ministry Assistant615.373.8074 x110

Carolyn Bryant

Food Services 615.373.8074

Jill Dilday

Finance Assistant615.373.8074 x104

Nan Dodd

Education Ministry Assistant615.373.8074 x125

Debi Jones

Preschool & Children’s Ministry Assistant615.373.8074 x122

Helen Lacsamana

Food Services Director615.373.8074 x117

Gary Robinson

Property & Facilities Manager615.373.8074 x134

Traci Veno

Assistant Food Services Director615.373.8074 x121

Kaci Wyatt

Director of Financial Operations615.373.8074 x112

Program Staff

Courtney Mize

Childcare Coordinator

Anita Jordan

Mother's Day Out & Preschool Director615.373.8074 x118