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Ministerial Staff

Sam Boyd

Senior Pastor615.373.8074

Jeff Bowden

Associate Pastor of Education & Activities615.373.8074 x120

Wayne Causey

Associate Pastor of Music & Worship615.373.8074 x126

Jake Day

Minister of Communications615.373.8074 x105

Gary Hauk

Associate Pastor of Administration615.373.8074 x111

Matt Longworth

Minister of ELEVATE Worship & Technology615.373.8074 x138

Dave MacNeill

Minister to Students615.373.8074

Kimberly MacNeill

Minister to Women615.373.8074 x129

Chad Mize

Minister of Young Adults, Missions & Evangelism615.373.8074 x124

Meg Moore

Minister to Preschoolers615.373.8074

Barney Self

Pastoral Counseling Minister615.373.8074 x135

Keiron Miles

Associate Minister To Students

Mallory Bagwell

Associate Minister To Students

David Bennett

Interim Minister To Children

Support Staff

Angie Barnes

Office Manager & Pastoral Ministries Assistant 615.373.8074 x113

Rebecca Blankenship

Receptionist / Activities & Senior Adults Ministry Assistant615.373.8074 x110

Carolyn Bryant

Food Services 615.373.8074

Jill Dilday

Finance Assistant615.373.8074 x104

Nan Dodd

Education Ministry Assistant615.373.8074 x125

Debi Jones

Preschool & Children’s Ministry Assistant615.373.8074 x122

Helen Lacsamana

Food Services Director615.373.8074 x117

Gary Robinson

Property & Facilities Manager615.373.8074 x134

Traci Veno

Assistant Food Services Director615.373.8074 x121

Kaci Wyatt

Director of Financial Operations615.373.8074 x112

Samantha Scott

Communications, Missions & Young Adult Ministry Assistant

Jackie Baggett

Student Ministry Assistant

Emily Walsh

Music Ministry Assistant

Program Staff

Courtney Mize

Childcare Coordinator

Amelia Roe

Mother's Day Out & Preschool Director615.373.8074 x118